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Some of the pages on this site use cookies, small files placed by the site on the hard disk of a visitor’s device for the purpose of collecting information about it. These files can be used to register in the site the next time a user visits him and makes navigating the site easier.

A cookie is part of the data that the site can send to your web browser and then store it on your device as an anonymous file that knows the device but does not know you. Keep in mind that cookies can not read data stored on your device’s hard disk.

Your web browser may notify you when you receive cookies, allowing you to accept or reject them. If cookies are not accepted, some pages may not work fully and you may find it difficult to access some information on this site.

How to control and delete cookies

You can use your web browser to determine the type of cookies allowed, and you can also delete existing cookies on your device. Please see the following information to learn how to do this with different browsers:

Our own policy

kosmosse respects your privacy, so we are obliged to provide you with all the information and tools you need to control the cookies on your computer

Types of Cookies

  • Session cookies remain in your browser during the browser session only, meaning you leave the website.
  • ‘Permanent’ cookies remain in your browser after the browsing session (unless you delete them).
  • ‘Performance’ cookies collects information about your use of the website, such as the web pages you visited and error messages. But does not collect information about your personal identity. The information collected is collected so that it remains anonymous. The performance cookie is used to improve the work of the website.
  • ‘Functional’ cookies allow the website to remember any options you have made on the website (such as changes to text size and page allocation) or to activate certain services such as writing a blog comment.