Day Eelevn : How to Kill your Cookie Monster

Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 – How to Kill your Cookie Monster

As we briefly saw above, willpower is overrated. The best way to kill a craving is long before it ever rears it’s delicious, creamy, deep fried, sugar sprinkled head. When you find yourself facing off with a gurgling stomach, a bad mood and the office glutton offering you the last of the St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes (“they’ll just go to waste if you don’t eat them!”), it’s already too late. You’re a goner.

Instead, as you go out into the world, you’ll need to be prepared, like a boy scout:

GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT (500mg) Supports fat burning and glucose metabolism via Chlorogenic Acids contained in decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean.*

Instead, as you go out into the world, you’ll need to be prepared, like a boy scout:

  • Don’t fill your house with bad snacks. It’s basically in my genes that I can never eat any portion of a chocolate bar and leave the rest alone for another time, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is my cross to bear. It would be foolish for me to keep that sort of thing around the house. Know your weaknesses and adjust accordingly
  • It’s an oldie but goodie: don’t go shopping hungry. A good variant: don’t go shopping in a bad mood.
  • Take a high quality multivitamin. Micronutrient deficiency can sometimes mask itself as a life-ordeath craving for greasy Mexican
    food or ice or 5 bowls of macaroni and cheese.
  • Go shopping with a list and try to stick to the outer edges of the supermarket, where the fresh produce is.

What more stuff like this?

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