Day Eight: Reflect



So far we’ve taken a very nuts-and-bolts look at weight loss. Obviously, the picture is a little more complicated than this.

If you’ve wrestled even in the slightest with weight problems in the past, all of the above may well be old hat to you. Of course, if it was so easy to just lose weight this way, everyone would do it, right?

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As we gear up to move onto the rest of the book, ask yourself the following questions to start getting a handle on the other more nuanced aspects of weight loss. You can jot things down in a journal, chat about it with a friend or confidante or work it out it in your interpretive dance class, it doesn’t matter.

  • In the deepest sense, why are you the weight you are now? Don’t worry if a neat and tidy answer isn’t forthcoming, just keep asking anyway. That little voice deep down knows.
  • In the same way, why do you want to lose weight? Start with “to look better in a bikini”, but don’t stop there …what’s so great about looking good in a bikini?
  • What does food mean to you? Is food a friend, a reward, entertainment, a hated enemy, a chore just like everything else in life, a hobby, a symbol of love, a waste of time? Dwell on it a bit and see what comes up.
  • Forgetting about food for a moment, what are you hungry for in life right now? More love? More challenging work? The respect of your peers? A family? Fun?
  • Think about the last thing you ate. Why did you eat it? How did your feeling before and after you ate it?

What more stuff like this?

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