Day Four: Drink Up!


Yes, yes, I know you know that staying hydrated is really important. But it’s even more really important when you’re in the process of losing weight. Why? Well, when you burn up and release all the extra energy stored in fat cells, you also burn up and release whatever was being stored in them. Without water, these substances can become toxic to the body and fatigue your entire system.

To flush things out and keep you feeling fresh and alert, you need to make sure you’re having enough water.

It’s simply not true that you need 8 glasses of water a day – one of the worst nutrition old wives tales out there.

In our effort to kill all of these silly external rules and tune instead into our own appetites and intuitions, we’ll try to respect our natural thirst.

Very often, our natural thirst has been ignored for so long we don’t even recognize it when it comes around. Instead we’ll feel a mysterious “craving” for something or take it as an excuse to have a snack.

For some people, their natural thirst has been so disrupted that they don’t even like the taste of water. If this is you, there are fortunately plenty of ways to get more water in your life:

  • Fill a pretty jug with slices of lemon, lime, strawberries or sprigs of mint. Let it chill and mellow a little in the fridge, then have a few refreshing glasses throughout the day.
  • Start a collection of fun and interesting herbal teas. I have a somewhat embarrassing section of my kitchen cupboard devoted only to tea: buy a nice tea pot with an infuser inside and you can make a delicious cup of tea with nothing more than a nub of ginger and a stevia leaf.
  • Though it’s not a good idea to drink it exclusively, carbonated water, soda water or tonic water can be very refreshing and a nice change of pace. Of course, making cocktails defeats the purpose of increasing your hydration…
  • Soup! Anything from clear, Asian style broths to chunkier veggie soups will add precious hydration. Soups also fill you up while keeping your calorie count pretty low, and they’re a great way to squeeze in all your veggies.

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