Day Fourteen: The Spice of Life

Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 – The Spice of Life

Before we move on, lets take a quick moment to address the idea of boredom with eating. For many people (sadly, it’s usually women!) cooking is just a boring chore that drains their energy. Fancy
exotic meals and trips to nice restaurants belong in another life, or to that annoying friend on Instagram

Today, lets try to put some of the fun and joy back into cooking – and eating of course!

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  • Pick a cuisine you don’t know much about, be it Thai, Moroccan or ancient medieval. Make a project out of finding new and interesting ingredients to put together a novel meal. Try a themed dinner party or go online for some new recipes.
  • Fat, salt and sugar are usually the holy trinity of flavor, but you can add interest in other ealthy ways – play with texture, different spices, vinegars (have you ever noticed how many kinds of vinegar there are!?) and herbs
  • Don’t be the kind of person who
    wolfs down a rubbish dinner in front of the TV while the commercials are on, or eats Doritos in front of their laptop. You’d be surprised how far a bit of ceremony can go in making you really savor your food. Why not have an elaborate tea party with all the trimmings?
  • Become a food snob. I mean it. Even the most gluttonous person will pause and have a second thought if he knows the chocolate he’s scoffing is 4 times the price of the others.
  • Today, try to switch lenses and look at food, your body and life through the eyes of an artist. Measure food not so much in its caloric value but by how happy it makes you, how energized and nourished; get creative with cooking and baking and try to loosen the idea that your body is a battleground where you wage war against everything delicious.

What more stuff like this?

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