Day Nineteen: When You Eat Too Little

Weight Loss Challenge Week 3 – When You Eat Too Little

Just as consistently eating too much isn’t a good idea, eating less than you need isn’t clever either – get too close to your bare minimum and you start doing real damage to your metabolism and rgans.
Not pretty. It’s unlikely that in two weeks or so you’ve accumulated enough of a deficit to worry about, but just in case, stop and rethink things if you:

  • feel dizzy a lot
  • start getting much colder than you usually do
  • feel a bit depressed, listless and unmotivated
  • have violent and unpredictable cravings that make people around you scared for their children
  • you find yourself getting hungry but you’re so tired and grumpy by the time it happens that you … can’t be bothered to eat anymore
  • your hair, skin and nails seem to be in poorer condition
  • if you’re female, your menstrual cycle stops – this is a big one.

As always, listen to your body, heed the warning signs and remember – it’s not about deprivation, it’s about nourishment!

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