Day One: Weighing In

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE WEEK 1 – You know what’s really easy? Losing weight.

Day One: Weighing In

People will just assume that everyone wants to lose weight, and that wanting it is all you need. You can be like most people and conclude that nah, you’re OK, you’ve actually decided in the meantime that you’re perfectly OK with being a little chunky – you love it actually – and that you’re overweight because you want to be. Or you could go the other way and convince yourself that the disadvantages of working hard to lose weight are way, way more than you’re willing to bother with, and you psych yourself out of even trying.

Today’s task: a realistic accounting of the pleasure versus the pain. Take an A4 piece of paper and divide it into four equal blocks. On the left – staying as you are now, not changing, not working hard, not taking any risks. On the right, taking the leap to be better, to change your lifestyle and to risk stumbling a little as you try something

new. The upper squares will be the positives, the lower squares the negatives.

Now, add in at least one negative and one positive for changing and one negative and positive for staying the same. Bear with me here. You may choose as your positive for staying the same, “I get to really enjoy my food” and the negative, “I’ll probably worsen my early onset arthritis”. For changing, you may put, “it’ll be a lot of hard work” as the negative and, “I’ll finally get to express myself more with my clothing” as a positive. Keep going until you can’t think of anything else.

What more stuff like this?

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