Day One: Weighing In

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE WEEK 1 – You know what’s really easy? Losing weight.

Day One: Weighing In

The problem with being unable to break out of bad eating habits is that there’s good reason to stay there. Nobody would argue that. Any heroin addict can probably come up with dozens of reasons why it makes sense for him to keep on doing heroin. There’s a ustification behind everything, even something as nonsensical as eating doughnut flavored cereal.

The reason we’re putting all of this down is that if you know what your excuses are, you can be prepared. The trick to lasting and realistic weight loss is to amplify the pleasure of changing and the pain of not changing. If you are overweight right now, necessarily it means that the pleasure of not changing is greater than the pain of changing. How can you flip this around?

Argue with yourself. Think of counterarguments for all those arguments that keep you where you are now. “I get to really enjoy my food” is not such a fantastic reason, seeing as good, healthy food in reasonable quantities is totally enjoyable. Go further: change “it’ll probably worsen my arthritis” to “it will worsen my arthritis and once it has, it’ll be even more difficult to exercise and even more difficult to lose weight…”

Go down the list of all the excuses and reasons that are keeping you overweight. Keep this list somewhere safe, so that when one of them rears it’s devious head, you can whip it out and, well, argue with yourself.

What more stuff like this?

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