Day Thirteen : What Your Hunger is Really Telling You

Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 – What Your Hunger is Really Telling You

When you were a tiny baby, you learnt a powerful lesson that stayed with you for the rest of your life: in order to survive, you needed the help and kindness of others. Since babies can do nothing by
themselves, their literal survival depends on whether someone loves them enough to feed them. It’s no wonder that we have such a hard time shaking the food = love idea (and the pizza = fun idea and the chocolate = lust idea and the kale smoothie = redemption idea and so on and so on…)

Food makes a great substitute for feeling emotions, when you think of it. It’s far easier to eat your feelings than feel them.And our culture encourages this too, with the way we feed chicken soup to
sick people and cake to people on their birthdays.

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When you eat, what need is being fulfilled? I bet that only a fraction of the time you are satisfying a normal, physiological hunger. The rest of the time, we eat out of boredom, obligation,
joy, fear, anger, stress or a hundred other emotional reasons.

What more stuff like this?

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