Day Three: The Anti-meal Plan Meal Plan

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE WEEK 1 – Day Three: The Anti-meal Plan Meal Plan

Day Three The Anti meal Plan Meal Plan WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE WEEK

Meal plans are like that weird friend you have from high school – fun and interesting for a few days, but you get sick of them really quickly.

I’m sure you’ve flipped through a magazine once or a million times and seen a “5 day Victoria’s Secret bikini cleanse” or other such nonsense, and the meal plan insisted that you have 85 grams of smoked salmon and 3 and a half egg whites (not four for heaven’s sake! Three and a half!) for breakfast, with exactly four ounces of unsweetened black coffee without milk and if you want to treat yourself then fine, you can have half a grapefruit as well.

By the time you’ve managed to put this together and eat it, it’s lunchtime, but don’t worry, it’s only 14 almonds and half an apple. Sigh. Meal plans seem like a good idea at the time, but they always, always fail, and for reasons that become obvious the moment you stare into the bag and discover you have 15 almonds left. Meal plans are restrictive.

They waste food (a real Victoria’s Secret model would just toss the extras out, you know). They’re boring. They’re antisocial (nobody wants to see you weighing your dry chicken breast).

What more stuff like this?

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