Day Twenty-one: Getting Back to Baby Food

Weight Loss Challenge Week 3 – Getting Back to Baby Food

It’s been a brief journey (or, if you’re a junk food junkie, possibly a very, very long journey) but now it’s time to return to our original idea of that little baby sitting at the table, brand new appetite and untainted appetite, eating something for the first time. Remember him?

Intuitive eating is a state of mind where you are clearly, directly in tune with what your body needs. If you eat something that is bad for you, you notice it, and never eat it again. Not being in
touch with what our bodies are communicating is the root of all eating disorders and overweight. Fighting with the body instead of listening carefully to what it needs to be nourished can only
end like all wars: in massive casualties.

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Hunger is not a failure, and it’s also not something unbearable that you can’t tolerate. It’s your body’s way of saying, “I need some care!”. Respect your body enough to stop giving it foods that make it unhappy. Don’t “restrict” yourself, but honor your natural limits. Have a full, rich life that nourishes your spirit enough that you don’t feel the need to fill up on excessive amounts of comfort foods.

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