Day Two: Calorie Requirements

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE WEEK 1 – Day Two: Calorie Requirements

Day Two Calorie Requirements WEIGH LOSS CHALLENGE WEEK

Somewhere in the last two decades or so, it became fashionable to turn your nose up at the idea of calorie counting.

Like neon colored sweat bands and calisthenics, calorie counting was lame and belonged in the 80s. It was what kind of calories you ate, the diet experts said, that made all the difference.

Here’s the boring and slightly irritating truth: calories do matter. In fact, they matter more than anything else. Of all diet ideas out there, caloric restriction is the single most well studied and documented.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Nothing in nature is allowed to violate the basic principles of physics, not even smug people on Facebook who’ve just discovered the Paleo diet.

Even if you eat the best quality food, too much of it will make you fat, end of story.

What more stuff like this?

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