some days in the past, I wrote approximately my worst REIT in 2016, extra space garage (NYSE:EXR). I summed up my view of EXR as follows:

basic, we're content with our modest stake in EXR, and we're glad that we trimmed our stake early; however, we would like to hold constructing at the success inside our self-garage REIT exposure. despite the fact that most of the self-storage REITs have underperformed YTD, we accept as true with the pullback may be considered as an possibility to take any other chunk at the apple.

even though new supply within the self-storage quarter has endured to ramp up, we agree with that the marketplace has behaved irrationally and the pullback gives a higher margin of safety.

even as there look like sound catalysts for EXR to grow profits and dividends, we trust that it's critical to study all the friends in hopes that we are able to first-rate capitalize on the mis-pricing we're witnessing inside the space.


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